Disposable Gloves Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Item No.: 1268

Product Description

Material: nitrile rubber
Color: light blue
Size: M / L (optional)
Quantity: 100 / pack
Package size: 23 * 12 * 6.5cm
Package weight: 300g

Introduce and Features:
1. Disposable household gloves made of nitrile rubber material,high quality, non-toxic, sterile, healthy use.
2. Disposable gloves are more hygienic to use. Can be discarded after use to avoid cross infection
3. Acne scars on the fingertips: increase friction to provide good firm grip and make both hands more flexible and accurate
4. Reasonable thickness, good touch, flexibility, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and bacteria resistance.
5.Very suitable for home cleaning, sanitary inspection, food industry, chemical industry, etc.
6.Non-slip,Antistatic,Aging,Oil Resistance,Acid aslal resistant,Strong Elasticity,Touch screen
7.No plasticizer, no ester, no silicone oil, no powder.